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PABCO Residential Roofing Products

Based out of Tacoma, Washington, PABCO Roofing Products has been manufacturing premium asphalt shingles since 1984. To this day, PABCO retains their reputation for producing quality products and providing excellent customer service.

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Residential Roofing Products offered in Sacramento and vicinity include:

  • PABCO Premier Professional
    • PABCO Premier® Professional laminated fiberglass shingles are the professional roofing contractor’s choice. Roofing professionals choose to recommend and install PABCO Premier® Professional laminated shingles for its unbeatable combination of quality and value.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on PABCO Premier Professional
  • PABCO Premier
  • Premier Advantage
    • Premier Advantage® is the heavyweight alternative to traditional laminated fiberglass shingles. Designed with a distinctive palette inspired by the colors found in nature, Premier Advantage is often installed on structures in demanding climates.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on Premier Advantage
  • PABCO Premier Elite
  • SG-30
    • SG-30® is a versatile 3-tab asphalt shingle that provides a simple, uniform appearance. Available in twelve colors, SG-30 is compatible with most architectural styles and exterior home colors.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on SG-30
  • Paramount Advantage
  • Paramount
    • Paramount® is the original PABCO® Signature Cut Shingle. The open tooth design creates rich depth for a dramatic look on large-scale roofs while its strength and durability provide a functional roof for many years to come.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on Paramount
  • Cascade
    • Cascade® is a unique option for roofs designed in the classic architectural styles. Featuring an unmistakable diamond shape that is recognized by U.S. Patent No. D589, 172 S, Cascade is often specified on historic buildings or on roofs in historic neighborhoods.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on Cascade
  • Premier Radiance Elite
  • Premier Radiance
    • PREMIER Radiance® Solar Reflective Shingles deliver the quality you have come to expect from PABCO® without compromising on your color choices. Choose the “cool” shingles that let you reflect your style.
    • CLICK HERE for more information on Premier Radiance



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